Capture territory, build defensive structures, and battle the opposing team in this team-based-multiplayer top-down-shooter web-game. Written in Typescript using WebSockets and using an engine made from scratch, made in a team as a University capstone project.


A stylistic first-person light-horror stealth game made in Unity3D. Navigate a beautiful and mysterious forest, activating unusual generators, and avoiding strange robotic monsters as you uncover the story of this strange land. Made in a team a final project in a University Gameplay Programming course.

Bugswarm, Research Assistant

A University research project, assembling, maintaining, and analyzing large dataset of program bugs and their fixes, made from real world examples mined from many of the largest open source GitHub projects using continuous integration. Worked as a paid research assistant, contributed a number of changes that improved the integrity and maintainability of the dataset, also gained experience with various build systems, debugging methods, continuous-integration, git, and python and bash scripting.

A2Prj: Time Tracking App

A cross-platform feature-rich mobile app to track the time spent on different tasks. Includes various tools to organize, manage, and view data on custom created tasks. I led a team of five with a focus on UX as well as good backend software engineering as a final project for a Software Engineering course. Was chosen as the Professor's favorite submission of the class.


A Raytracer written in C++, with many different features including: anti-aliasing, bounding-volume hierarchies, adjustable camera, depth of field, fog and smoke, lights, multiple materials, and MORE! Made as a side-project in free time following Peter Shirley's Ray-Tracing book series, as practice in C++ and graphics.

Crypt Raider

Awoken in front of a mysterious stone crypt, can you navigate the ancient tomb, solve the puzzles, and find the treasure in this short first-person puzzle game made in Unreal Engine 5? Made as a side-project in free time following the GameDev.tv online Unreal Engine course to gain more experience with the engine. (Link coming soon)